When Should I Take My Exercise Supplements?

When you should take your exercise supplements depends on which type of supplements you are taking, as well as your goals. In today’s blog post from Innovative Sports Nutrition, we are going to discuss the optimal times to take specific supplements. Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to find the supplements you need to meet your health, wellness, and fitness goals, shop Innovative Sports Nutrition

Supplements to Take in the Morning

Fish Oils: These supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are designed to provide your body with a range of benefits, the most notable being inducing an inflammatory response. To start your day and prepare your body for your exercise routine, take fish oil supplements right away.

Whey Protein: After fasting all night, your body is in need of nutrients. To start your day, try enjoying a breakfast of oatmeal with fruit combined with a high-quality whey protein to get your body what it needs. 

Supplements to Take Before Your Workout

Pre-Workout Supplements: This one should be obvious, as it’s right in the name. Check out the label on your pre-workout, as some should be taken an hour before your workout, while others can be taken a half hour before you begin. 

Supplements to Take During Your Workout

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): BCAAs can serve as an energy source for muscles during your workout, and help fight muscle fatigue. They can be taken before, during, or after your workout. 

Supplements to Take After Your Workout

Post-Workout Supplements: Again, this one should be obvious. Anything labeled as a post-workout supplement is best taken after your workout. Many post-workout supplements contain whey protein and glutamine, as well as BCAAs. 

Innovative Sports Nutrition – Your Source for Nutritional Supplements

At Innovative Sports Nutrition, we offer a wide range of nutritional supplements to help you feel your best. From pre-workouts and BCAAs to creatine, glutamine, multivitamins, and beyond, we have all of the supplements you need to up your game. Shop our selection at Innovative Sports Nutrition today.

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