Glutamine Powder
Glutamine Powder

Glutamine Powder

Innovative Sports Nutrition

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Innovative Sports Nutrition Glutamine aids in helping you recover from intense workouts and can help improve intestinal health. So why take Glutamine? Glutamine is one of the most abundant branch chain amino acids known to help with gastrointestinal health and peptide transport, especially in athletes who lift and adhere to meal plans. Our glutamine supplement contains:

  • 5g servings / 100 Servings
  • Supports the Body in Making Proteins
  • Helps Improve Recovery
  • Improves Intestinal Health
  • Increase Role in Immune Function
  • Pharmaceutical Grade and Tested

Customer Reviews

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Jess V
Great for sore muscles

I highly recommend this product, especially if you tend to lift often or heavy. It has definitely saved me from sore muscles. It is also very convenient and it doesn’t affect the taste of protein shakes or when added to water.

Using ISN Glutamine as part of your daily supplement line-up can help with 

+Quicker Muscle Recovery 
+Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Soreness

Glutamine for recovery

It’s the day after a killer workout. You get out of bed and you’re feeling that next level of workout soreness. This is a good time to ramp up your nutrition program, get plenty of sleep and get in some glutamine powder as part of your daily recovery intake.  Glutamine is the main source of fuel for white blood cells that help fight infection and disease and is overall good for muscle recovery. 

100% Gold Standard - Premium Quality

Our products are made at our GMP, FDA approved manufacturing facility here in the United States. We have all of our ingredients tested for purity and quality in order to make sure we create the best products in the industry. Every lot is tested to the meet rigorous standards before it can become an ISN nutritional product.